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Best Dog Fence Review, Buying Guides & FAQs of 2021

In the article we"ll look at some of the market best pet product, with the support from Artificial Intelligent and Big Data as well as the objective reviews from 5,762 consumers, we ranked the top 22 products you may be best choose the Best Dog Fence take you on a journey about picking the right one for you, your pet or your home . Lets see the listed major brands as: YAHEETECH, Extreme Dog Fence, PetSafe, MASBRILL, Earlyhights, KAROTEZH, Feeke pet, JUSTPET, OKPET, Garmin, Whistle.

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Dogs are active creatures, and it can be difficult to keep your dog obediently for a long day. You need to give them a playing field but still make sure that they won't mess things up. That is the reason you need to find yourself the best dog fence. Join us in this tutorial!

Types of Dog Fences

There are so many choices when it comes to pet fences, it can be confusing as well as confusing finding a suitable product. To get the best results, we first need to understand the types of different fences for dogs and their usage, as well as their specific properties. To classify, we will divide it into 5 main categories: solid barrier dog fences, chain link dog fences, electric dog fences, virtual dog fences and indoor dog fences.

1. Solid barrier dog fences

Dog fences made of wood, metal, vinyl and other solid materials are great for dogs that are easily distracted by other animals, children or neighbor dogs as they cannot see through. pass them easily. Wooden fences also add privacy, limited appeal, and overall value to your home. Physical fences like these not only contain and protect your dog, but also other pets and children who may wander out into the neighborhoods' streets or yards.

That said, wooden dog fences are also one of the most expensive options to install, and doing it yourself can be time-consuming. Some pet owners also have trouble with their larger dogs digging or jumping over fences, and although there are solutions to these problems, keep them in mind.

In terms of sheer size and customization, YAHEETECH Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen is one of the best heavyweight pet pens you can have on the market. It consists of 16 as well as 24 inch panels with excellent handcraft and made of reinforced metal. Unlike other manufacturers, Yaheetech is not in favor of shoddy and shoddy products. Aside from a single dashboard design, its iron panels are also coated with a premium powder coating. You can use this for multiple pets or just use fewer plates for a single pet.

Furthermore, YAHEETECH Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen even gets two special panels with integrated doors that are not only great as an access point, but also have great safety features. They come with a latch lock to keep your adorable pet within the safe limit of the enclosure.

2. Chain link dog fences

This type of dog fencing is a cheaper option for dog owners who want all the perks, but don't have a high material cost like solid fences. Chain link fences or dog fences can also be installed quickly by a specialist in a matter of hours on a medium sized yard. However, they may not be as effective in all dogs. Chain link fencing is a more affordable option that many pet owners have, but some dogs can jump or climb on them.

3. Electric dog fences

These fences attract the interest of owners who want to maintain the aesthetic landscape and get the benefits of housing their dog without the additional labor or the cost of building the fence. There are two types of electric dog fences, including the in-ground type and the wireless dog fence. Dog wireless fences tend to be easy to install, but it may take some training to get your dog used to the collar. Underground fences are installed using a trench and buried wires. While they may be more convenient than physical fences when setting up, they may not be the right choice for all types of dogs. 

While electric fencing can keep your dog in the yard, it does nothing to prevent other dogs, animals or even people from entering space. This can obviously endanger not only other people or animals entering your yard, but also your dog. If you are considering an electric dog fence, you should do some additional research to better understand the pros and cons of them.

However, we cannot deny that electronic dog fences are currently the most popular dog fences on the market right now. Some of the typical products that we will introduce to you are as follows. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System and JUSTPET Vertical Wireless Dog Fence (as for the best wireless dog fences). PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog and Cat Fence and Extreme Electric Dog Fence Wire (candidates for the best in ground dog fences).

In addition to the safety and security of your pet, PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System comes with a lot of perks and benefits for both you and your dog. This unique perk increases its usability and portability. Above all, a wireless system helps you cut down on strenuous digging. This wireless dog fence is very easy to install. Just plug in the transmitter and follow the reading manual, start training your dog. This containment system is a perfect device for making your pets respect and abide by boundaries. It is very common that dogs tend to go above and beyond the fence or move away from your property. But with PetSafe Wireless Fence and an easy training exercise, your dog will learn to avoid exceeding corrected boundary markers. When the receiver collar starts to beep and the dog has a strong shock to the adjusted level, the dog / dog tends to stay away from those barriers.

What we love about the JUSTPET Vertical Wireless Dog Fence is that if you have two dogs, you don't have to pay extra for a more dog holder. The JUSTPET wireless dog fence is ideal for two dogs. Since the fence is wireless, you can easily create a circular circumference, adjustable from 10 to 900 feet. For those who do not like their pets roaming further, this is the right fence for them. When installing JUSTPET Vertical Wireless Dog Fence, you don't need to worry as it has a simple process. You don't need tools, knowledge, and no experience. Furthermore, it will take you less time to complete the process. All you need is to have the power to set the transmitter, take the collar of the receiver, have your dog wear it and sync the two.

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog and Cat Fence is safe for pets holding pets in the backyard, providing a safe and secure system. It requires the installation of generators, electrical wires and other accessories around the yard. It trains your pet to explore their new boundaries. Pets are required to wear a collar in order to function during the transmission of the disease. The collar receives the signal from the cord and the necklace relays the alarms for pets. For an unlimited number of pets stored in this best in ground dog fence you can purchase additional collars for each pet. PetSafe In-Ground Fence has a low battery indicator with battery life of 1-2 months depending on usage. Believe in easy installation of the RFA-67 battery. You can add no travel zones or boundaries anywhere in the area where your pets are banned.

Extreme Electric Dog Fence Wire is a 1-dog system with a fence 500 feet long. There are also options for up to 5 dogs and up to 2500 feet of fence. As long as you keep buying the necklace, you can add an unlimited number of dogs to the eXtreme Dog Fence system. The wire included is heavy-duty, covered with polyethylene plastic. The heavy surge protection module keeps your fence and dog safe from lightning and electric shock. The necklace weighs only 1.1 ounces, making it one of the smallest and lightest miniature machine necklaces on the market. Extreme Electric Dog Fence is suitable for dogs that weigh 8-120 pounds. This best in ground dog fence comes with a 10 year warranty. That's 10 times longer than most competitive electronic dog management systems! It is also made in the United States, a rare affirmation in the electronics industry.

4. Virtual GPS dog fences

Invisible GPS dog fences are cheaper than traditional physical fences and also very easy to install. A virtual fencing system works using GPS signals that communicate with the dog's own collar. If you want to lock a dog over a virtual fence, walk around the perimeter where you want to keep them to turn on the GPS on the collar. GPS technology communicates with the satellites to correspond to the band and let your dog know when it is getting too close to the circumference boundary. One benefit of using a fence like this is that it is also portable and can store up to 10 perimeter maps, so it is very convenient for families with a second home or people who regularly travel with their pets.

The best invisible dog fence that we’d like to recommend to you is the Whistle 3. This is a GPS-enabled pet tracker that allows you to track your dog without wearing a trigger necklace. This is much safer for animals, especially for pets that like to roam long distances. This GPS-enabled pet tracker identifies virtual fence parameters and instantly alerts you when your pet goes astray. Camonity Mini Pet Tracker constantly sends you updates so you know where your pet is. You can connect Whistle 3 to your smartphone or computer. It can also monitor the ambient temperature so you can tell if your pets are too cold or too hot, anywhere.

Another good choice if you are considering having a virtual fence named Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar. Garmin is a well known brand in the technology and gadgets industry. It stands out in a wide variety of products, one of which is a dog tracker necklace. The Garmin T5 GPS dog bracelet is a perfect match with the Garmin Astro 320 or Alpha 100 (Garmin GPS dog fencing system) that you can purchase separately. The Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar comes with a rechargeable and replaceable lithium-ion battery. This tracker updates your dog's status every few seconds for more accurate tracking. This covers up to seven miles of distance.

5. Indoor dog fences

Many dogs like to stay indoors and do not need a fence for fun or the recommended exercises they need. Depending on the size of the house, the size of the yard (if applicable), and the ability to accompany the dog on active adventures, a dog fencing may not be necessary.

Though, it's common for many pet owners to have certain areas of their home where they want to keep their dogs. That's where the indoor dog fence can come in handy, because it closes certain rooms or certain rooms so your dog doesn't accidentally break anything of value or roam. into unsafe places (down steep stairs, in a pantry or room where you like holding sage or poinsettia).

For this category, it will be much more convenient for you to use an indoor electric dog fence instead of a physical fence. Because indoor spaces usually won't be as spacious as outside and we need a smarter solution. One typical product that we want to mention is PetSafe Stubborn Dog Indoor Adjustable Pet Barrier. Just plug in the device near the area you want to protect and adjust the range from at least 2 feet to up to 10 feet. When your pet approaches the signal, a warning beep will sound on the collar. If he continues to get closer to the protected area, a slight correction will be made. Protect as many areas as you need by buying more generators and control more pets by buying more collars. Although the transmitter is designed for indoor use, PetSafe Stubborn Dog Indoor Adjustable Pet Barrier can also be used in a garage or under a covered patio where 110 outlets are accessible.

Buying Guides

1. The size of your house/yard

Property size is an important factor in determining which dog fence to buy. Those with larger yards can save quite a bit of money by using non-physical fencing options like electric or GPS, while smaller homeowners can build physical fences around the perimeter. Their properties are cheaper. We recommend physical fencing for small yard areas or quarter acre grounds, while wireless fencing, like PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System and JUSTPET Vertical Wireless Dog Fence works better for land over an acre.

2. The geographical location

The mountainous terrain in the northeast or the wet, muddy ground in the northwest is a pain when digging a trench to install the subway fence. GPS-enabled virtual fencing, such as Whistle 3 and Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar is well-suited for these areas and works on marshes, lakes and other waters. In more urban areas, where very small courtyards or small lawns are common, a traditional physical fence (like YAHEETECH Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen) is probably the best option for your cost.

3. The material 

The cost of different full fencing materials such as wood, wire, wrought iron, vinyl, stains, paint and others can dramatically change the final price of your dog fence. 


1. How can I train my dog to his new dog fence?

Depending on the type of fence you choose, there may be a number of training involved. Electric and virtual fences work by alerting your dogs that they are near the circumference either by emitting a series of sounds or by initiating static corrections. A good next step is to check with your local dog trainer or behaviorist to get their opinion on which fence selection is best for your family's needs. Their recommendations can depend on many factors, including consideration of where your dog is in training.

2. How much area can electric dog fence covers?

The generator is what determines how much area the electric fence can cover. While some transmitters can cover only 1 acre, others are powerful enough to cover 25 acres or more. 

Wireless dog fence:

  • Capped within a circular boundary, which means they aren't the best option if you have rectangular or whimsical pitch.

  • Effective only on smaller areas - typically less than 5 acres.

  • Doesn't work well on steep landscapes or locations with lots of obstructions, such as heavily wooded areas.

In-ground dog fence:

  • Fully customizable to whatever size and shape you want.

  • May include 5-100+ acres.

  • Effective on all types of landscapes or terrain.

  • Can be used not only to keep your dog in a fixed circumference but also to keep them out of confined areas such as pools, gardens or flowerbeds.

3. How many times will I have to do the maintenance?

Like many electronic goods, both the wireless and the ground fence are under constant maintenance. Receiver collar routine maintenance includes:

  • The battery needs to be charged or changed.

  • The metal contacts on the receiver should be kept clean and dry.

  • The washing machine needs to be changed from time to time.

4. How many static correction levels are there?

Today's modern electronic collars are much safer and have built-in safety features to keep your dog from getting hurt. Even so, there will always be a lot of controversy surrounding the use of electronic collars.

No matter what terminology you use, static calibration is something that every collar on every electric fencing system uses to train any dog, so no matter which fence you buy, you can't avoid out of the fact that one day your dog will get an electric stimulus.

5. What is involved in the installation process?

Wireless setup is quick and easy - you can easily set up and run the wireless system in less than an hour. Fences in the ground take longer and elbow grease to install. Depending on the area that needs to be covered, you should look anywhere between 1-2 days.

One thing to keep in mind with either type of electronic pet containment system is that they can be used in conjunction with fences on the ground. For example, many have prevented their dog from digging under or jumping over a wooden fence or leash by attaching their boundary line to it.

Final Thoughts

And that is the list of the best dog fences that we want to recommend to you today. Remember, you should consider the needs as well as the actual situation to choose the best dog fence for you.

A short list so you can get more of our suggestions below is as follows:

Our team of pet product experts, with a passion for all things pet related, research the best selling and most suitable items from hundreds of manufacturers on a day to basic.