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Best Dog Crates in 2020: Our reviews and recommendations about pros and cons of top rated


When thinking of the best dog crates, many people picture a rectangular box constructed of metal wires. This is a typical type of dog crates, but there are a lot of other kinds which own pros and cons. They are plastic crates, soft-sided, heavy-duty, and even furniture crates.

The best dog cage may come in various forms, but an ideal cage should offer high durability, easy cleaning features, excellent ventilation, as well as comfort for your pet. It is said that the most popular cage option is the wire crate due to its excellent ventilation and easy-to-clean feature. Generally, a wire crate is typically affordable and available with a wide range of sizes.

What are Dog Crate Covers Used For?

Having a dog crate is an extremely good idea as it comes with lots of benefits for both you and your pet. It allows your dog to have a safe place to rest and chill while their owner is busy doing something else.

Protection from Adverse Weather Conditions
Dog crates, which can be made of materials like metal or wood, are easily affected by humidity or high temperature. With a crate cover, it will protect your dog crate from adverse weather conditions, thereby extending the crate’s lifespan.

Calming Anxious Dogs
A lot of dogs prefer the security of being in a secluded area, and it is instinctive for our furry friend to search out a dark space when they are anxious or need rest. A crate cover works well to reduce their anxiety and soothe pets by limiting visual stimuli, which in turn will prevent excitement and barking.

Providing a Private Space
By covering the top, back, and sides, the crate will become more private. It seems to be more calming for your pup when the environment around him will be slightly warmer, darker, quieter, and there will be fewer distractions.

Dog Crate reduce anxiety while traveling
A closed cover can be especially helpful on a road/ air trip for dogs who are stressed/ scared by car rides, or while he’s in an unfamiliar place with the new distractions.

The dog crate provides security
As there is less stimulation, it would make it easier for your canine friend to relax while inside his crate, thereby helping your dog to feel safer.

Uses of Dog Crates

Based on different purposes of using, dog crates can be used inside or outside the house.

Outdoor – The kennels can be located in playing yards so that your pet can see around and enjoy the fresh air. Having your dog outside will also help him to feel relaxed and joyful. Another benefit is that your furry friend can help you to watch your house when you are busy with other housework.

Indoor – Used for creating a safe and comfortable environment for your pet to relax and sleep inside. It can be even used for training purposes.

Travel – A dog kennel can play a crucial role in keeping your little pup during your travel without worrying about missing him. There are a lot of travel dog crates with a variety of styles and colors. Even a travel kennel can be considered to be a fashion item for the owner.

Types of dog Crate

Metal/Wire Crates
Folding wire dog crates are the ubiquitous dog kennels. Most of them are folding, so you can move them around your house or into the car easily. With the upsides of all sizes, your pet has an unrestricted view from within. For the bottom, you can put a cushion or a blanket down at the tray which makes it comfortable for your buddy.

Generally, a plastic dog crate is used for small to medium-sized dogs. They can be made entirely of thick plastic, typically equipped with a front-facing swinging door, and an extra carrying handle on the top. It is helpful for those dogs that are on the go with owners. This kind of crate is normally portable and sturdy, which are great for plane or car travel. In case you plan to bring your dog with you for a trip, a strong-walled kennel like plastic dog carriers will offer the most protection and convenience.

Not as durable as a wired crate, a soft-sided crate is more easily destructible as it is made of canvas or nylon. This kind of kennel isn’t suitable for every dog. Particularly, dogs who love scratching or chewing at their confines aren’t good candidates for soft crates. Therefore, we don’t recommend a soft crate for your initial crate training. Meanwhile, a soft kennel will be a lightweight and comfortable travel option for dogs of any size, which is great to use for already crate-trained or exceptionally calm dogs.

This type of kennel is commonly used for giant breeds, or those who can destroy their crate, or for master crate escape artists. However, if you think that a heavy-duty kennel is the right solution for an anxiety dog who relentlessly chews his crate, or manages to escape – you should take a few steps back. Kindly remember that a crate is not to be a prison, but it is a haven for your pet. In case you require the maximum security just to keep your pet inside a kennel, your dog will not reap the training benefits. Instead, there are some negative behaviors like house soiling which may even worsen when the dog’s stress compounds.

Travel kennels are becoming more and more popular recently. With a travel crate, you can bring your furry friend with you easily. This kind of gate is often made of plastic with a variety of styles and colors for your selection.

To harmonize with the modern living style, a dog kennel is required to match with our house furnishings. If your house is small, you should combine your dog’s kennel with a functional piece of house furniture which matches your home’s decoration.

The best dog crate you can choose your dog – Top 10 best dog crates

Best dog crates overall: MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

The MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate is outstanding for its easy assembly, portable design, safety, and an expandable feature. The product is designed completely around the security, safety, and comfort for your beloved pets.

Best dog crates overall: MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

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Key features:
– Constructed of free divider panels, a carrying handle, a durable dog tray, four-roller feet in order to protect floors.
– Have a one-year warranty package.
– Available in various sizes ranging from 18-inch to 48-inch dividers, which can fit from small to large dog breeds.
– There are 4 styles, namely double door, single door, single door in blue, single door in pink.
– Spacing is 1.5 x 7.875 inch after being folded.

– Thanks to a convenient divider panel, the product can be expanded for a growing dog to ensure its optimum size for the dog’s development.
– The durable design can create a safe place for your dog while you’re not at home.
– The dog crate door is firmly locked in place by two heavy duty slide bolt latches, thereby keeping your pet safely inside the cage.
– Easy installation in seconds without tools and fast storage by folding flat. This feature offers the highest convenience for owners when traveling.
– The item owns secure and safe slide-bolt latches, a durable E-coat finish, rounded corners, and a washable plastic pan for the user’s easy cleanup in case of an accident.

– Set-up instruction should be followed strictly to secure the latches in order to avoid dangerous situations caused by loose installation.
– The metal hook for securing it when being folded is next to the side door, which is a magnet for the pet to worry about it then he may try to chew on it.
– The cage’s corners are still sharp, so you should improve it by putting protective pads at those corners.

Best plastic dog crate: Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Regarding appearance, plastic dog crates are not as attractive as other kinds of crates. However, they seem to be great for pets who prefer a little silence and privacy while sleeping. Actually, this type of crate is not as well-ventilated or easy-to-clean as a wire crate. There are 4 sizes, including 28’’; 32’’; 36’’ and 40’’ in taupe/black color.

Best plastic dog crate: Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

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Key features:
– Own a system of the raised interior, wire vents, and tie-down holes.
– Made of durable recycled plastic with metal screws which enhances the kennel’s strongness.
– Surrounded with wire ventilation openings which bring about 360-degree visibility.
– Meet airline cargo specs requirements.

– Great for traveling, especially for air travel as this crate meets most air-cargo specifications.
– Easy to store when being unused with the top half can come off for easily stacking the two halves.
– Simple construction with no-tool requirement for stress-free assembly.
– Satisfy natural denning instincts.

– Metal parts can get rusted if getting wet for a long time.
– The door can be broken down if being used incorrectly.

Best metal dog crates: New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

Among one of the best metal dog crates, New World Folding Metal Dog Crate owns a rather competitive price, but still has full functions that a kennel requires.

Best metal dog crate: New World Folding Metal Dog Crate; Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates

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Key features:
There are 2 kinds of doors: Single and Double door.
High quality with a durable door folding metal construction.
Have 2 heavy duty slide-bolt latches which allow for securely locking the crate door in place.
Create a safe place for your dog thanks to its durable metal crate design.

Useful for potty training
Easy to assemble and fold
Portable, sturdy.
Great for large dogs.

Sometimes the door can have alignment issues.

Best wood dog crates: Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

With the brown color of wood, the Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate brings about a cozy and private spot for your little pet to sleep and relax inside.

Best wood dog crate: Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

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Key features:
– There is a variety of colors and sizes for your decision.
– The rich finish allows you to incorporate it with other home furniture.
– There’s a strong lockable gate door which allows for your piece of mind when you are away from home.

– Provided with an end table style, which brings about an additional storage space.
– Offer increased durability and longevity thanks to its solid wood construction.
– Light and easy to assemble.
– Match with most house’s decors with its pretty and simple design.

– Can scratch a little at the floor surface.
– Made of wood so some naughty dogs can chew it.

Best soft-sided dog crate: EliteField 3-Door Soft Dog Crate

With colorful style and pretty design, an EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog catches everyone’s eyes at the first sight.

Best soft-sided dog crate: EliteField 3-Door Soft Dog Crate

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Key features:
– Made of strong steel tube crate frame, high quality durable 600D fabric, and hex mesh fabric cover combining with ventilated lightweight material.
– There are 3 mesh doors at the top, front and side for ultimate convenience and breathability; removable and washable cover; 2 accessory pockets at the top and side.
– An extra handle and hand carrying straps with a free carrying bag, a hand carrying strap, and adjustable padded shoulder strap allow for many carrying options.
– Foldable into just 3’’ height, which brings about easy storage and transport purposes.

– Fully assembled without tools and fold-down in a few seconds.
– Strong steel tube crate frame and durable 600D fabric combined with hex mesh fabric form a ventilated, durable and lightweight crate.
– With 3 mesh doors at the top, front, and side, the item is of high ventilation.
– Equipped with 2 pockets on the top and side, a removable cover, and a bed.
– Included a free carrying bag, a handle, and carrying straps with adjustable padded shoulder straps, which brings about great convenience for pets.
– Colorful and stylist.

– Just suitable for well-behaved dogs
– Smells bad in the beginning, but can be improved after some times of washing/ cleaning.

Best crate for puppies: MidWest Life Stages Pet Crate

If you are bringing up a puppy, you should consider the flexibility of the kennel. Is that kennel adjustable so that it can be expanded along with your puppy’s growth. A MidWest Life Stages Pet Crate can meet the demand.

Best crate for puppies: MidWest Life Stages Pet Crate

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Key features:
– There are 2 kinds: single door and double doors.
– Own durable design allows for safety and provides for your pet’s instinctual den instincts.
– Have rounded corner clips which reduce sharp points for the safest experience for your buddy.

– Quick installation with no tools required.
– Fold flat for ultimate convenience travel or storage.
– Provide high safety for your pet thanks to 2 heavy duty slide-bolt latches per door, which can securely lock the door in place.
– An outstanding feature that can be found in this product is the divider panel, a durable dog tray, a carrying handle, and a roller-feet to protect floors.

– Should use the gate with care as puppies can freak out when they get accustomed to the new crate.
– A little heavy as the gate is made of metal.

Best heavy-duty dog crate: ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

If you are struggling with finding a heavy and powerful kennel for your big buddy, ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is an ideal choice. This product brings about the highest sturdiness and strength which can release your anxiety of keeping your dog when you’re away from home or when you want to restrict him in a place for some reasons.

Best heavy-duty dog crate: ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

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Key features:
– There are sizes: Medium (26-40lbs) & Large size (41-70lbs) with reinforced 0.5’’ diameter steel tubes & 20-gauge steel.
– Avoid your pets chewing the cage as this kennel is made from steel.
– Is the best solution for keeping large dog breeds thanks to its sturdy construction.

– Easy cleanup with its grated floor with tray.
– Made of steel with the highest security and durability. The cage can stand up to even the toughest abuse from the biggest dog breeds thanks to its thick steel construction and strong latches.
– Equipped with removable casters at the bottom of the cage, which allows for rolling it easily to other locations. You can also leave those casters off for the added stability.

– May have risks if the owner doesn’t follow installation instructions carefully.
– The cost is quite high (but the cage gives the owners peace of mind that the house will not be destroyed).

Best dog crate furniture: Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate n Crate

Being a furnishing item in your house, a dog crate contributes to your house’s decoration. A well-designed cage can make your home nicer and more attractive. We’d like to recommend a Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate as the best dog crate furniture.

Best dog crate furniture: Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate n Crate

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Key features:
– The wooden crate can be convertible into a gate
– Have a removable plastic tray
– Work as a cage and a gate flexibly.

– Easy assembly
– Provide a secure resting area as well as an accent piece of furniture in your house.
– Include a solid wooden veneer cover which complements most decors. The owner can make use of the top surface for placing other personal items.
– Outstanding strength: The crate can turn into a gate to use for closing off doorways or open spaces.
– Panels are easily removable in order to accommodate smaller openings.

– Large dog breeds can chew or crush the cage.
– Active and restless dogs may jump into and break down the cage.

Best dog crates for large dogs: AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog

These 30’’ cages work perfectly for taking pets on a long trip. With a reasonable price, there are 2 main kinds: single-door and double-door.

Best dog crates for large dogs: AmazonBasics Single-Door; Double-Door Folding Metal Dog

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Key features:
– Own single-door or double-door for front entry.
– Available in 6 sizes for matching with small to large dog breeds.
– Ideal for both adult dogs and puppies.

– Effective training tool
– Durable metal construction for optimal ventilation and visibility.
– Rounded corners protect dogs and promote high safety.
– Versatile divider panel helps to reduce the cage’s size as needed for a growing puppy.
– Quick set up and fold flat for storage.

– Not suitable for strong or active dogs.
– Can be dangerous for dogs who love chewing.

Best dog crates for small dogs : Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate

The Carlson Pet Metal Crate is among one of the best dog crates for small dogs. With such a very competitive price, you can own a qualified cage for your little pet.

Best dog crates for small dogs : Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate

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Key features:
– Secure all steel with a locking system for the highest safety.
– Removable and washable cage with a black removable and washable pan.
– Foldable system allows for portability, car travel, and storage.

– Easy to use: Have one door for easy movement.
– Safety: Include a multi-point locking mechanism.
– Durable and easy to clean: Have a removable bottom tray for washing easily.
– Versatile: The item can be folded flat for storage or travel purposes.

– Not really sturdy enough for powerful dogs.
– Sometimes the door swings in the wrong direction.

Best dog crates for travel: Petsfit Travel Pet Home Soft Dog Crate

If you are a fan of traveling, a good crate for travel is a necessary item. With a pretty design, a Petsfit Travel Pet Home catches everyone’s eyes at the first sight.

Best dog crates for travel: Petsfit Travel Pet Home Indoor/Outdoor for Dog Steel Frame Home, Collapsible Soft Dog Crate

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Key features:
– Own a dynamic style and design.
– Two doors and the top entrance can be rolled up quickly.
– The screw-in-frame design helps to hold the mesh in place.
– Have a washable soft pad which gives your dog a private and comfortable place to sleep insides.

– Simple set up and take down, great for traveling
– Lightweight, easy to fold and clean
– Durable

– The outer case is not suitable for dogs who like chewing
– Careful with choosing the correct size otherwise the kennel can become useless.

What is to consider when buying the best dog Crates

Size of the dog Crate

– Length: Keep your dog standing on all his straight four legs, measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail, then plus extra 2-4 inches to the measurement result for the length of dog crate.

– Height: Measure when your dog is at “sit” position, from the floor to their head’s top, then add 2-4 inches to the measurement result.

– Width: There’s no need to measure the width as this one will depend on the height & length measurements.

Durability of the Materials

Of course, you need to consider the material before buying anything. Each kind of material has its benefits and limitations. The crate’s materials range from plastic to metal and soft-sided crates.
It’s clear that metal or steel crates are the best material for durability, while a fabric meshed crate will be a good choice for travel crates. The best material will depend on your using purpose.

Design of the dog Crate

Are you fond of traditional, modern, and stylist house decoration? This will relate to the design of the crate that you select. Think about the whole house’s decor and make your decision on your dog crate’s design.


Especially if you plan to purchase a metal or steel crate, please think about insulation. The metal material can conduct electricity, which will be extremely dangerous.

Safety of the dog Crate

When choosing any pet product, the safety is certainly put on the top priority. Whichever pretty or useful the crate is, keep in mind that it must be safe and secure.

Machine Washable

Don’t forget about the process of cleaning up the kennel. Is that product removable and washable? Let’s ask the seller about this function of the crate.

Dog Crates – FAQs

What is the best dog crate?

Answer: There is a fact that not all kinds of dog crates are created equally, so you should make sure that you choose the one which suits your dog and meets your dog’s demands. It will be the best dog crate for your pet.

Where should you put a dog crate in the house?

Answer: Here’re some suggestions:
– Low-traffic areas: You can place by the couch in your living room, next to your desk, or at the corner of a laundry room. Some people even incorporate dog kennels straight into their home, such as underneath kitchen island, or under the stairs.
– Temperature controlled areas: Kindly note to avoid placing the gate under direct sunlight, by fireplaces, or on top or close to heating/ cooling vents. Also avoid drafty areas like by doors that lead to outsides or by uninsulated windows.
– Household hazards controlled areas. You should consider outlets, power cords, and toxic houseplants.

What should I put in my dog crate at night?

A soft toy should be an excellent choice for calming your puppy, helping him feel nurtured and reassured.

How do I choose a dog crate?

– First, consider your needs. Think about the reasons why you need a kennel, how it will be used, as well as the personality of your pet. All these factors will help you to make an informed decision.

– Second, determine the best size. There are many size crates for your dog. If it is too small, it will restrict your pet’s movements, then your buddy can’t have a relaxing place to rest. Another factor to consider is a kennel for a growing puppy. There are some kinds of crates with dividers which can be used to create a suitable smaller kennel for a young puppy, which can be removed easily to form a larger one that can grow with your pet.

– Third, consider material selection. There are 4 main materials of a dog kennel: wood, metal, fabric, and plastic. When it comes to the most attractive kennel, it seems that wood is the best one for using inside your house. Less attractive, but more durable, are metal kennels which can often take more wear-and-tear and can easily be stored or relocated. Meanwhile, plastic ones are commonly used for transportation and travel as they are available in various sizes, easy-to-clean, and quite durable.


Some people can get confused when choosing the best dog crates. Whether you’re away from home or simply need to provide your pet a private space to call their own, a good dog crate plays a crucial role to keep your dog confined.

Actually, dogs have descended from wild wolves, so they seem to have a natural desire to sleep inside a den. Providing him with a pretty crate will definitely give him a comfortable space to rest, as well as it helps you to be at peace of mind knowing that your beloved friend is safe when you’re not at home. Besides, a crate is extremely useful for potty-training a little puppy.

After consulting dog experts, sorting through hundreds of models and assembling the top models for examination, Dog Needs That found that the MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate is the crate which is selected the most. It is an ideal gate for security, sturdiness, and effectiveness. It seems that the design helps it last over the lifetime of many pets and then it’s worth your money.

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