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Best Automatic Dog Door Review, Buying Guides & FAQs of 2021

In the article we"ll look at some of the market best pet product, with the support from Artificial Intelligent and Big Data as well as the objective reviews from 51,522 consumers, we ranked the top 24 products you may be best choose the Best Automatic Dog Door take you on a journey about picking the right one for you, your pet or your home . Lets see the listed major brands as: PERFECT PET, PetSafe, Ideal Pet Products, Endura Flap, High Tech Pet, Extreme Dog Door, SureFlap.

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Opening the door for your four-legged friend to run and play outside seemed to be exciting and fun at first. However, after a while, you will probably find this task a bit of a hassle, especially when we have many other work to do. So an automatic pet door is an indispensable item in the family. And if you are wondering how to choose the best automatic dog door then this article is for you.

Types of Automatic Dog Doors

There is no general answer to the question of the specifics of automatic dog doors operations, simply because there are some of the most popular doors available today you can choose from. The five of the most popular automatic locking dog doors available today are: magnetic, ultrasonic, microchip, RFID signal and radiofrequency.

1. Magnetic 

These are probably the simplest automatic dog doors you can get: your dog needs to physically push the door in or out, and then the force of the magnet will close. In most doors, you can also lock the door completely for a period of time.

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door has everything you want in one basic option: a soft, flexible lid that makes it easy for your pet to get in and out of, and there's a magnet on the bottom that helps hold PetSafe Plastic Pet Door in place. At night or when you're out of town, tap on the closing panel to keep your house safe from stray animals. The door, available in four different sizes, is easy to install thanks to the included trim model, detailed instructions, and the mounting hardware included. Plastic frames can be painted to match your existing doors. If the flaps wear out over time, PetSafe will sell the replacement flaps separately.

2. Ultrasonic 

These automatic pet doors come with a set of sensors and keys you will need to wear on your dog. The sensor will then detect the dog is approaching and unlock the door for the dog to enter. You can adjust the sensor's sensitivity to avoid loopholes when your dog simply walks past.

Whatever breed your dog is, the Power Pet Large Electronic Pet Door will solve your problem despite the size of your pooch. This Power Pet has a motor-controlled vertical sliding door that is activated by a special collar and it opens only if your pet goes directly to the door - not when they are sleeping nearby or walking. wandering. The automatic dog door extra large has wind and weather sealing, and its opening can hold dogs up to 100 pounds.

3. Microchip

The microchip dog door is possibly the most advanced automatic dog door - you don't even need a collar to use it. The technology is based on a veterinarian's installation chip, so if you've chipped your dog before then you'll definitely love this type of door.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is versatile, effective, easy to use and anti-theft at an affordable price. This automatic pet door opener reads the pet's implanted microchip, allowing them to pass while preventing other animals from coming out. If your pet is not microchipped, there are also programmable neck tags. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door can be installed on walls, windows or doors. You can even program doors to lock and unlock at specified times. The only downside: The extension is about 7 square inches, limited for small dogs and cats.

4. RFID signal 

Automatic dog doors based on RFID signals are the latest addition to the pet door market, but they are slowly gaining in popularity. These doors use radio frequency identification to detect dogs allowed in the home; anyone else will be prevented from entering.

For large dogs our top pick is the PetSafe Electronic Smart Door, an electronic one-stop shop that uses RFID technology. 4 D-Cell batteries are required for this electronic dog door to function. These are not included in the package, only a lithium-ion battery comes with the door. The weight of this automatic dog door opener with a collar is only 4 pounds (or 1.18 kg), which means it is very light. Furthermore, the device's activation range can be adjusted up to 3 feet. It can be easily installed anywhere, on doors, walls, patio panels, etc.

5. Radiofrequency chips

Automatic doggie doors have radio-frequency chips a little bit like RFID doors, since both use radio frequency technology. However, the radio-frequency chip does not contain any information about your dog and will open automatically to anyone whose collar emits the same frequency.

Buying Guides

1. Location

A major factor to keep in mind when choosing a door design for your pet is the location where the door will be installed. Although this may seem "no brainer", there is a growing trend of different types of dog doors installed on walls, not just doors. Different models are designed with shades of your home. 

For example, a pet door chosen as an outdoor door or sliding door would be made of different materials and had a different depth than a dog door through the wall. The location of the pet's door will also affect the mood of your home. Expect to meet many of your furry friends around their pet gate area. This can eventually cause more traffic around the dog's doors to penetrate walls, which may result in you having to rearrange furniture or remove fragile debris.

2. Weather

If you have a harsh climate, with anything like snow, extreme heat, or strong winds, you might be suspicious of installing pet doors in the house. Nobody wants all that weather to get inside! One solution for these situations would be a closed pet door and good insulation. Pet doors are usually successful at this, but they have moving parts that are fragile and can cause your pet to become trapped inside or out. Not to mention the old key is easy to lose and the battery needs replacing!

When you need a pet door in all seasons, you should think of the PetSafe Extreme Weather model as it is specifically designed for that reason. To ensure maximum energy efficiency, the doors come with a unique 3-leaf flip system. Crafted from a combination of plastic and nylon, this automatic pet door features a 3 and ½ inch thick frame. The frame is made of high-strength, paintable plastic to match your current door color. It is available in small, medium and large sizes.

3. Suitable automatic pet door for renters

Tenants have the problem of damaging their home when choosing a pet door, which is required for either a regular door or a wall-mounted pet door. These require a hole cut in order to be repaired but sometimes the landlord may not approve. The rental pet door solutions are available if you have sliding glass doors or windows that your pets can access!

You can also use pet glass which actually gives you a replacement glass for an existing sliding glass door or a pet window on the bottom. With the help of laminated glass, just swap out the existing one for the new pet door glass and you can use a brand new doggie exterior door! Then, as you move on, you can have the glazing builder reinstall the original piece of glass!

Using the latest and most promising direction-sensing system, Power Pet Fully Automatic Sliding e-Glass Pet Door can become an important part of your pet's life. Aluminum-framed pet doors have the right thickness and custom grooves to fit any existing door grooves with no significant replacement work. This automatic doggie door for sliding glass doors is motor driven and can be activated by the ultrasonic chip in the pet's collar. You can program how the dog doors open and close. For extra precaution, you can add an extra pin for safety.

4. Material

When choosing a door, look for high-quality, sturdy materials that will last a long time. Beware of fragile plastic and brackets. Higher quality materials and construction mean the door won't have to be replaced anytime soon.


1. How to measure a dog gate?

There are two most important measurements to take when purchasing a dog door. The first is your pet size: measure your dog from the ground up and shoulder to shoulder to ensure it fits the selected door size. Additionally, you will need to measure the dog door you want to buy against the preferred location in order to easily install it with a moderate degree.

2. How to install an automatic door for dogs?

Automatic dog doors require different installation techniques; Usually you will find an extensive installation guide in the package with the doggie door that you bought. You will need to monitor the dog door pattern, which should be at least three inches above the ground, in your doorway. Then, using a jigsaw, cut the necessary piece and mount the dog door, fixing the perimeter of the device using a caulk.

3. How to teach my dog ​​to use a doggy door?

If your dog does not get the automatic suspension door immediately, remember that each dog is different and your dog may be too frightened or unconscious. Sometimes, you will need a long time to help him get used to the door. If you want to speed up the process, you can use the traditional method of yin.

Leave your dog indoors with another family member and go outside to stand at the door. Name your dog and when it finally appears, reward him with his favorite treat. Repeat the training as many times as necessary to get the dog used to the door. However, if you notice any negative behavior towards the doors, pause training for a few days - chances are your dog is simply bored and able to rest.

4. Can dog doors affect insurance?

Although there is no direct mention of dog doors in the policies of most insurance companies, there have been instances where insurance companies void the insurance because of dog doors. Additionally, you run the risk of losing your unsolicited reward and other perks if you discover that you have installed the door for the dog.

In this situation, you should choose the safest options on the market - for example, an app-controlled dog door or collar activated. And don't forget to lock the door completely at night or whenever you don't intend to let the dog out of the house. Circuit doors and RFID are also good safety options.

5. What are the tips when installing automatic dog doors?

If you have any problems, it is best to seek professional help. It's better to invest in the right installation than do it yourself and risk further damage and possible injury to the pet. Here are some installation tips:

  • Install the dog on the ground to prevent rodents and other pests.

  • Don't rush during the installation process, double and triple check all measurements made.

  • After drawing the line with the pattern, make sure that you drill holes that do not extend beyond the edges of the pattern.

  • Make sure the frame is level with your door, continue to adjust the frame until it's level.

  • Keep the lid on the door for at least a day although it is recommended to lock it at night. Doing this ensures that the dog knows that it doesn't have to worry about the lid.

Final Thought

Save time and effort with automatic pet doors. You can allow your dog to have fun while you are still busy while maintaining the security of the house. Please study carefully your own characteristics and needs before shopping to find the best automatic dog door for your family. Basically, our editorial team chose PetSafe Electronic Smart Door as the best product overall for its ease of use and new RFID technology. In addition, we also created a shortlist of bright gems below.


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