About Us

About Us

Dogneedsthat.com is a free resource for dog parents and dog lover alike. Our team with a love for dogs and understanding and experience in taking care of pets will give readers practical useful information.

Our mission

With our knowledge and experience, we will recommend the best products for your dog. Helping you to save money and time to make perfect choices. In addition, we will have experience in dog care, health care, nutrition, and instruction in making dog toys.

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Our Experts

Jenny Lee: I am Jenny Lee, got married and now have 2 kids. a boy and a girl. My family has a dog named Billo. They have been with us for 10 years. My family loves Billo very much and always pays the best for it. With all the love and experience of dogs I am sure that I will help you find the best things for your puppy. Share your experience on pet products at my website: https://dogneedsthat.com/